Plenary talk

Hidetoshi Katori University of Tokyo/RIKEN, Japan
"Optical Lattice Clocks as Quantum Sensors for Space-time and Fundamental Physics"
Yoon-Ho Kim Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
"Quantum measurement at the few-photon level"
Kopin Liu Academia Sinica, Taiwan
"Mode-, bond- and stereo-selective reactions"
Lokesh Tribedi Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
Kiyoshi Ueda Tohoku University, Japan
"SACLA: new opportunities for atomic, molecular, and cluster science with the X-ray free electron laser"
Jim Williams University of Western Australia, Australia
"Electron spin from atom, to molecule, to surface"
Jianmin Yuan National University of Defense Technology, China
"Recent Progress in Atomic-scale Simulations on Warm and Hot Dense Matter"

Invited talk (confirmed)

Jaewook Ahn Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea
"Ultrafast optics in neutral atom quantum computing"
Xiaohong Cai Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
"Double K-shell ionization of Kr induced by swift Xe54+ ions"
Purushottam Chakraborty Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, India
"MCsn+ - SIMS: Fundamentals and Challenges in Interface Composition Analysis of Quantum Structures without Standards"
Jing Chen Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, China
"Coulomb effect in above-threshold ionization in intense infrared laser field"
Dong Hyun Cho Korea University, Korea
"How to grab an atom without squeezing it: magic polarization"
Dajun Ding Jilin University, China
"Molecules in intense femtosecond (fs) laser fields: alignment, orientation, ionization, and their control"
Asuka Fujii Tohoku University, Japan
"Infrared Spectroscopy of Large Hydrogen-Bonded Clusters"
Yuki Fukaya Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Japan
"Total-reflection high-energy positron diffraction (TRHEPD) for determination of topmost surface structure"
Xiang Gao Beijing Computational Science Research Center, China
"Precision spectroscopy and related electron-atom scattering"
Emiko Hiyama RIKEN Nishina Center, Japan
"Threee- and four-body structure of 4He trimer and tetramer system"
Amir Karton The University of Western Australia, Australia
"Catalytic reactions on Graphene Nanoflakes"
Hiroyuki Katsuki Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
"Ultrafast manipulation of coherent states in gas and condensed phases."
Jin–Tae Kim Chosun University, Korea
"Spectroscopic Analysis on the Hetero-nuclear KRb Molecule Using Both Molecular Beam and Ultracold Molecule Experiments"
Kiwoong Kim Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), Korea
"Spin exchange relaxation free atomic magnetometer for biomagnetic measurements"
Masashi Kitajima Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
"Cross section measurements of ultra-low energy electron collisions with atoms and molecules utilizing the threshold photoelectron source"
Tamiki Komatsuzaki Hokkaido University, Japan
"A Dynamical Switching of Reactive Mode ⇔ Nonreactive Mode at High Energies for a Hydrogen Atom in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields"
E. Krishnakumar Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India
"Structure, Symmetry and Dynamics of Molecular Negative Ions Probed by Electron Scattering"
Yuan-Pern Lee National Chaio-Tung University, Taiwan
"Infrared absorption spectra of the Criegee intermediate CH2OO, dioxirane, and ICH2OO detected with a step-scan FTIR"
Sheng-Hsien Lin National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
"Theory and Applications of Sum-frequency Generations"
King-Chuen Lin National Taiwan University, Taiwan
"Molecular Halogen Elimination from Halogen-containing Compounds in Atmosphere"
Don McNaughton Monash University, Australia
"Synchrotron Far-IR high resolution spectroscopy"
Kyo Nakajima KEK, Japan
"Photoelectron diffraction from laser-aligned molecules with a x-ray free electron laser"
Nobuyuki Nakamura University of Electro-Communications, Japan
"Studies of Highly Charged Heavy Ions at the Tokyo Electron Beam Ion Trap"
Dhananjay Nandi Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, India
"Dissociative Electron Attachment to Atmospherically Important Molecules probed by Velocity Slice Imaging"
Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg Fachbereich Chemie Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Germany
"Teaming up Methods to characterize Single-Molecule Magnets in Isolation"
Kunihiro Okada Sophia University, Japan
"Laboratory measurements of ion-polar molecule reactions in molecular clouds"
Ghanshyam Purohit Sir Padampat Singhania University
"Low and intermediate energy electron impact ionization of hydrogen and water molecules"
Sadiq Rangwala Raman Research Institute, India
"Interactions in cold and trapped ion-atom systems"
Bijaya Sahoo Physical Research Laboratory Ahmedabad, India
"Relativistic atomic many-body methods for fundamental physics"
Xu Shan University of Science and Technology of China, China
"Observation of interference effects in molecules by (e,2e) electron momentum spectroscopy"
Yong-il Shin Seoul National University, Korea
"Atomic Superfluid in Two Dimensions"
Trevor Smith University of Melbourne, Australia
"Coherent Diffractive Imaging With a Femtosecond High Harmonic Generation Source"
Fengqi Song Nanjing University, China
"Tuning the electronic coherence in graphene by atomic clusters"
James Sullivan Australian National University, Australia
"Positron scattering from molecules of biological significance"
Minaxi Vinodkumar V. P. & R. P. T. P. Science College, India
"Electron impact scattering cross sections over wide range of impact energies"
Chengyin Wu Peking University, China
"Imaging molecular structure with laser-driven Coulomb explosion"
Jiamin Yang Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, China
"Effect of the intense radiation field on the x-ray emission spectrum of low density Al plasmas"
Ite Albert Yu National Tsinghua University, Taiwan
"Spinor Slow Light"
Yaming Zou Fudan University, China
" Fusion plasma related atomic process Studies at the Shanghai EBIT laboratory"