Visa requirements

Visitors from countries that do not have Visa Exemption Agreements with Japan are required to obtain a visa. Please contact Japanese Embassy or Consulates-General nearest to you and check the visa requirements well in advance. The detailed information is available on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, "Guide to Japanese Visas."

To support the visa application of participants and their accompanying persons, the AISAMP11 organizer will provide the following sets of documents upon request.

  1. Invitation Letter
  2. Letter of Reason for Invitation
  3. Letter of Guarantee
  4. Schedule of Stay
  5. Certificate of Employment of the Inviting Person

Requesting the documents for visa application

Please submit the Application Form for Visa to the Conference Office according exactly to the instructions given bellow. Please note that the documents are only available to the AISAMP11 participants for the visa purpose. Thus the prior registration and payment of the conference fee is required.

Register to the AISAMP11 and make payment.
- AISAMP11 Online Registration System

Fill out the Application Form for Visa and send it to the Conference Office as a font-embedded PDF file. The subject of the e-mail should be "VISA for AISAMP11(Name of Applicant)."
If you have accompanying persons, please send their application together with yours.
- Application Form for Visa (for applicants)
- Application Form for Visa (for accompanying persons)

We will send you the documents by e-mail approximately within 10 days after receiving the application. The originals will be also sent by regular mail. If you do not receive the documents within 20 days, pleases contact the Conference Office.